The team of the Project key experts includes leading international experts with huge experience in approximation to EU environmental legislation.

Ralf Julich 1

Team Leader Mr. Ralf Jülich is a German lawyer with more than 22 years of consulting and training experience in EU environmental policy and legislation. He has been working as project leader of several projects on EU environmental law approximation in the region.

Dmytro Skrylnikov Senior Legal Expert Mr. Dmytro Skrylnikov has been dealing with environmental law and legislation for more than 19 years, both in Ukraine and abroad, and has a comprehensive understanding of European environmental legislation.
Jan Seffer Senior Environmental Expert, Doctor of Biology and Natural Sciences Jan Seffer has more than 25-year experience in environmental and biodiversity protection and more than 14-year experience in the implementation of European Union environmental directives.
Iaroshevych Alexei Iaroshevych, expert on water policy.
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