intro 204On 30th of June 2018 with the support of EU funded project APENA, Danube Day was conducted in Zakarpattya Oblast (Tisza sub-basin). It was 12th anniversary of this great environmental public awareness event, using 14 countries of the Danube river basin.

Each Danube Day has its own specific topic. This year the topic of the Danube Day – combating plastic pollution goes hand in hand with the EU priority for the water ecosystems protection, both river and marine. In order to present this topic in interactive way, a story of plastic pirates searching for PET bottles instead of gold was introduced. The children had environmental performances regarding their understanding of plastic pirates concept. They also made plastic ships out of bottles. During the event, ecological knights had a fight with plastic monster, finally overcoming it. In order to join ecological knights community, children had a quest, which included answering question on the period of disposal of different types of waste, sustainable energy, and painting a large stone art work, saying “Kvasovo (village where the festival was held) loves Borzhava river (the river, tributary of Tisza located nearby)”. The culmination of the event was joint sacrament and initiation into the ecological knights, using special coin, produced at the festival. The event was heavily covered by the regional media and what is the most important became a memorable event for all the participants.

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