intro 162On December 21, a modern geoportal “Water resources of Ukraine” was presented to water and environment stakeholders.

Deputy Minister Mykola Kuzio noted during the event that one of the priorities of the Government policy is the development of information technologies and open data. This portal will become part of the broader platform "Open Environment", developed by the Ministry of Environmental Protection in cooperation with the State Water Agency and other central executive bodies. He underlined that in a future, the data on water monitoring in the selected water bodies will be displayed on the river maps of geoportal, what will enable all interested actors to clearly visualize the ecological status of water reservoirs of Ukraine.

The head of the State Water Agency, Irina Ovcharenko, noted that presented geoportal is a result of the solid work of many institutions including EU project APENA, leading water management experts of the Ministry of Environment, State Geocadstre Service, the People's Deputies of Ukraine, the Secretariat of the Committee on Environmental Policy, Nature Management and Eliminatio of the consequences of the Chernobyl disaster of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, scientists and directly the water management organizations of the State Water Agency. APENA project expert Victor Durkot informed the audience about the technical capabilities of the geoportal. He said that the information system is currently working in a test mode, so the public and academics can confidently engage in active testing.

The geoportal for the first time opens the access to updated river information and will play an important role in the development of river basin management plans.

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