intro 131On 8th of July, the public awareness event “The Smallest — the Most Vulnerable in Nature” was held in Pyryatyn Nature Park, Poltava Oblast. It was devoted to the Day of Protected Areas in Ukraine, which is celebrated annually on 7th of July. 2017 event was dedicated to the protection of insects and their habitats.

This problem has become acute, when the abundance and specie diversity of insects in Ukraine as well as worldwide decreases significantly. It is the first time in Ukraine, when insects become in the loop of the nature conservation authorities.

The event has been started with the press‐conference on the main threats and actions to protect insects by the MENR and national entomologists, who explained to the public (local authorities, farmers, villagers) about the importance of the insects preservation. The event also included photo quest at the territory of the park for the unique habitats and insects species (based on the preliminary issued description cards) for the public and youth and presentation of the posters about the Habitats conservation done by children. These activities were combined with the exhibitions of the environmentally friendly crafts such as cane furniture making, crafts made of bark and brooms making for the public.

The key activity of the event was Joint construction with the public of the biggest in Europe and the most diverse “hotel for insects” in Ukraine at the territory of the Pyryatin national park. This park was the first one in Ukraine to build such a construction assembling different habitats for 50 different insects’ species.

The event was attended by around 150 people, out of which around 40 teenagers, also farmers, local villagers, representatives of Pyryatin local authorities, environmental authorities, local educational institutions, representatives of other parts and Oblasts (Odesa, Chernigiv, Mykolaiv, Ternopil etc.).

The latter group is the key for the further dissemination of the idea of the insects preservation at other territories of Ukraine.

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