intro 218On September 11-12, 2018, the seminar "Assessment of the status of conservation of fauna and flora and types of natural habitats in accordance with the Convention on the Conservation of Wildlife and Natural Habitats in Europe" was held at the premises of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine.

intro 209With the support of the EU APENA project, July 7, 2018, an international seminar "New Approaches to Conservation of Flora and Fauna and Types of Natural Residences Important to Europe in the Polissya Region" was held on the territory of the Drevlyansky Nature Reserve in Zhytomyr Region.

intro 202On June 5-7, 2018, the NNP "Meotida" hosted a seminar "Implementation of the requirements of EU Directives in the field of nature conservation".

intro 195On May 15-17, in the village of Migia, Mykolaiv region, a seminar on "Implementation of the Habitats Directive of the European Union: habitats and flora", organized by the Ministry of Environment with the support of the EU-funded APENA project was held at the National Natural Park" Buz'ky Gard ".

intro 192On May 3-4, the workshop "EU Bird Directive implementation and Emerald Network for birds protection in Ukraine" took place in the premise of MENR.

intro 175On 12 March, in the premise of Ukraine Crisis Media Center, a briefing "Without visas and borders: how to protect wildlife in Ukraine in accordance with EU standards?" took place with participation of:

intro 131On 8th of July, the public awareness event “The Smallest — the Most Vulnerable in Nature” was held in Pyryatyn Nature Park, Poltava Oblast. It was devoted to the Day of Protected Areas in Ukraine, which is celebrated annually on 7th of July. 2017 event was dedicated to the protection of insects and their habitats.

intro 129On June 21-23, 2017 in NNP Pivnichne Podillya, Zolochiv, Lvivska oblast, Project held seminar “Implementation of Habitats Directive — Habitats and Plants”

intro 117Seminar on “Implementation of EU in the field of Nature Protection” was held in Synevyrska Polyana, Synevyr, June 7–9, 2017.

intro 096The 4th Workshop in environmental sector on Implementation of Bird Directive organised by APENA project took place in Skole, October 19–21, 2016.

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