intro 181On March 28–30, the three-day training on environmental impact assessment for representatives of the Ecology Departments of Regional State Administrations (ODAs) was held in the Aarhus Information and Education Center within the framework of the pilot APENA project. This is already the second training seminar, which focuses on the practicals of the implementation of the EIA.

According to the Deputy Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources for European Integration Mykola Kuzio, the main goal is to achieve the same standards for the implementation of the EIA for all oblasts and to establish a genuine European standard for this new instrument. This is, first of all, high quality of analysis, conclusions, definition of environmental conditions for planned activities, holding and taking into account the results of public discussion. Among the training speakers are: Head of the EIA Branch of the Ministry of Natural Resources of Ukraine Marina Shymkus, legal experts Dmitro Skrylnikov and Serhiy Vykhryst, experts on EIA/SEA implementation Jerzy Jendroska, Nenad Mikulych, EIA expert Elizaveta Alekseeva.


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